Miura helps payment service providers and tablet-based POS software vendors to disrupt their markets by designing beautifully simple, secure and flexible hardware for improved merchant and consumer experiences.

We partner, never compete

Our business is solely in payment and POS platforms: the secure hardware, associated firmware and SDK/APIs. We never compete in the payments or POS applications that differentiate your business. Our focus is on creating disruptive and market leading hardware. We spend our time designing out complexity so you don’t have to. This saves you the cost and time of development, directly benefiting your organisation.

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A revolution in how POS fits together.

POSzle is a modular tablet POS hardware bundle, with integrated payment, that seamlessly brings together everything you need to deliver a leading POS solution that works ‘out of the box’ and with a smart tablet of your choice. With POSzle, everything fits beautifully together, thanks to the connectivity of the Fuse Smart Hub with Fuse API. Its unique modularity ensures easy integration with POS software apps and future support for legacy hardware peripherals, providing a POS hardware solution that is both scalable and future-proof.

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Introducing the Fuse Smart Hub and Fuse SDK.
A revolution in connectivity.

The Fuse Smart Hub integrates and powers multiple peripherals, including a Miura printer, Miura PIN Entry Devices and third party cash drawers and scanners. It’s ready for the future with a range of physical ports and multiple connectivity modes. Together with the Fuse SDK and Fuse Retail API, it’s the beautifully simple way to integrate and manage a powerful tablet POS solution.

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Miura lets you take payments anywhere. We have solutions for retailers of every size. For businesses on the move, from mobile to in-store and high-throughput multi-lane POS. All working on the same secure platform.

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Join the retail revolution - and go mobile to boost retail engagement and sales

Retail challenges are bigger than ever, with more customers unsatisfied with staff availability and the old static way of shopping. The average yearly loss in store sales is estimated at over £105k with 66% of shoppers saying they might abort a purchase if no assistance is readily available. Along with unclear pricing, stock levels, long queues, payment delays and the impact of online shopping, it’s no wonder consumers are demanding a change in the retail environment.

The good news for retail is that mobilization with mPOS can raise sales, lower costs, increase customer engagement and employee retention – with 92% of staff saying they preferred mobile payments. And for at-counter payments, the Miura M010 is way ahead of the competition in terms of employee preference. Other industries have fully-embraced mobile – it’s time for retail to catch up. It’s time to go mobile.

Pre-approved and compliant

We create EFTPOS payment solutions with modern designs, the latest security and scheme standards (including PCI and EMV levels 1 and 2), full deployment support and an excellent customer and user experience. As a manufacturer we work hard to meet exclusive design requirements. So, if you require branding or customisation on one of our devices, Miura can provide it.