Whatever you need to integrate can work seamlessly with Miura’s Fuse Smart Hub. Miura has developed an API running on the Fuse Smart Hub that provides a generic interface to the core functions of POSzle. To make this integration as smooth and seamless as possible, Miura has developed the Fuse SDK for both iOS and Android platforms (Windows coming soon).

Beautifully simple integration – an app, hardware, or network. Simply connect it all.

Fuse Retail API Access to partner portal

Fuse Pay SDK/API

The Fuse Pay SDK/API allows you to integrate Miura payment devices with tablet applications, barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers and any number of other peripherals. The same API can be used across all our devices. So you can implement an mPOS payment solution to work with a smartphone or tablet and seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware.

Fuse Pay API Access to partner portal