One architecture for all Miura payment devices

To support Miura’s feature-rich payment devices, including the world-renowned M010 and M020 series, we offer partners a powerful and flexible payments platform.

This single global architecture offers multiple development environments, making it easy to develop, customize, certify, and securely integrate your payment solutions – for all retail environments and geographies. To ensure speedy implementation, developers and integrators have full access to our software modules, libraries, APIs, and development tools.

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One architecture for all Miura payment devices

The Core API secure access to payment functions

The Core API supports our entire range of devices. It allows developers or integrators to securely access payment functionality, including contact and contactless EMV kernels, and to easily customize the payment process. All core scheme certifications are incorporated such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa, as well as major mobile wallet and NFC services.

The Core API also gives access to remote device and key management functions. This means you can deploy and upgrade terminal software, update parameters, and load or revoke keys dynamically in the field – reducing total cost of ownership.

The Core API – secure access to payment functions
Mobile development environment (MDE) – smart device integration

Mobile Development Environment (MDE) smart device integration

Our Mobile Development Environment (MDE) allows smart devices running Android, iOS, and Windows to communicate with Miura’s secure payment devices and smart POS hubs.

Mobile payment integration is easy using our complete suite of drop-in libraries, or by accessing source code provided with the SDK. MDE is also developer-friendly: no detailed knowledge of payment functionality is required, and example apps for Android and iOS are included. So you can quickly customize and integrate cross-platform solutions that meet the needs of different payment projects.

Java application development environment (JADE) – on-device customization

Java Application Development Environment (JADE) on-device customization

Using JADE, you can develop and customize payment and value-added service applications for our M020 series devices, without compromising payment security functions or compliance.

The JADE toolkit offers all of the source code, build, and packaging components required to deploy your payment application on the M020 series. This simplifies programming, eliminates the need for proprietary platform knowledge and streamlines the development process.

Your applications can also leverage the benefits of the Core API, including payment kernels and security features. These are isolated from payment security functions, which means compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards is always maintained.

The complete guide to our payments architecture

Learn more about our complete software architecture, including the Core API, MDE and JADE; and how you can use our comprehensive suite of payment interfaces for all industries, use cases, and geographies.

Seamless integration with Miura devices

Using our common architecture, interfaces, kernels, and tools, you can migrate from one device to another with minimal development effort. With Miura devices you get a choice of different integration and connection options, and you can easily personalize or customize applications to add value to the core payment process.

Seamless integration with Miura devices

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