New payment solutions for

Giving ISVs the right solution for now

Giving ISVs a solution that’s right for now

The pressure is on for ISVs to deliver new customer experiences and increase revenues, while keeping costs low. With the accelerating shift to contactless payments, Miura understands what ISVs need, and delivers an affordable, turnkey payment solution, with a simple API that flexes to meet your requirements.

Right now, it means any payment solution must tick a lot of boxes: ONE integration only; payment acceptance anywhere; a modern API and turnkey payment application; proven and secure devices; plus of course, great quality at an affordable price. At Miura Systems, we listened to what ISVs are asking for, and we provide it all as part of a comprehensive payment solution.

ONE platform with multiple benefits

A single payment platform that supports all use cases and global payment needs makes providing a solution to customers quicker and easier. We’ve identified 6 ways that ISVs can benefit from this single turnkey approach.

Download ‘New payment solutions for the WORLD OF NOW’ – our free guide to help you choose the right payment solution.


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Everything in one place with Miura

Miura provides you with a complete ecosystem of solutions for payment integration. Our choice of payment devices spans multiple use cases; our Secure Payment Application (SPA) is pre-certified and easy to integrate; we provide a modular range of plug and play accessories and peripherals; and our Device Management System (DMS) makes it easy to deploy and manage devices.

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A complete solution: for payments inside, outside, curbside and at self-service kiosks

Secure Payment Application (SPA) for turnkey integration

Secure Payment Application for turnkey integration

Miura’s pre-certified Secure Payment Application (SPA) allows you to quickly and easily integrate a modern, robust, and certified payment application with your POS system.

SPA provides smart, semi-integrated connectivity, isolating your POS application from secure payment data, so you can say goodbye to the hassles of PA-DSS certification. PCI compliance is made simpler with advanced security technology including point-to-point encryption (P2PE). For ISVs, this a great step forward in supporting your customers’ needs – fast.

Download the SPA datasheet
Device Management System for real-time control

Device Management System for real-time control

Use Miura’s Device Management System (DMS) to deploy, organize, manage and monitor all your devices. With a simple dashboard you can get a snapshot of activity, see alerts, rapidly deploy software updates, sync parameters and proactively schedule maintenance. With its robust API, you can even integrate with enterprise systems such as merchant boarding, terminal deployment and customer support.

Download the DMS datasheet

Go further: develop and customize more easily

While our Secure Payment Application (SPA) offers fast, turnkey integration via a simple API, you can also access Miura’s payment architecture for developers and integrators. This allows you to develop and flex your payment solution to meet current and future demands – without having to compromise security or control.

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The guide every ISV should read

Download ‘New payment solutions for the WORLD OF NOW’ – our free guide to help you choose the right payment solution.

Download the free guide
The guide every ISV should read

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