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Everything revolves around Money in Vegas! Money 20/20 that is…

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Guest blog by Christian Deger, Founder & CEO at Payworks 

From 23 to 26 of October, the biggest, most visited and most talked about event in the payment industry is happening in Las Vegas. We are talking about Money 20/20 of course. With more than 10,000 attendees from 3,000 companies, numerous speakers and content-packed agenda, Money 20/20 gathers the giants, the small fish and everything in between in the payment industry to bring disruption, creativity, new ideas, and old ideas brought up in new ways. Being a Point of Sale technology company, that brings the next generation payment gateway technology, we cannot wait to get to Vegas!

As part of our journey to conquer the U.S. Point of Sale, our first stop is naturally Money 20/20, where we plan to make our presence known and officially introduce Pulse, the next generation payment gateway technology to all of the relevant players in the States. We have both our U.S. and global team to greet you at booth 3246 and show you the next generation payment gateway technology and some of the solutions that are built on top of Pulse.

But the best solutions that we have running on Pulse are a combination of excellent, user-friendly, vertical-specific software and robust, yet modern, well-designed, but function-packed hardware. One of our hardware partners that helps us build POS solutions with innovators is Miura. Many different POS solutions around the globe running on Pulse are built using the Miura card readers. You can pay for your groceries on a Miura device in South Africa, for your cab in the UK, for you golf game in Sweden and for your wine in California.

Since both Payworks and Miura are attending Money20/20, we figured we’d make a demo and show how easy it is to build a Miura card reader into an app. With Pulse it takes only a few minutes. We also want to showcase how easy it is to do EMV Chip & PIN card payments, as well as contactless and mobile wallets payments. Anyone that is interested in learning more about how Payworks’ and Miura’s work together and what kind of Point of Sale solutions can be born from such a collaboration, please join us at Miura’s booth 3022 on the 25th of October at 1 PM.