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How CardFlight and Miura create the world of mPOS

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Guest blog by Filippa Noghani, Director of Marketing, CardFlight

CardFlight is a mobile point-of-sale solution provider, meaning we have a SaaS (software-as-a- service) platform that allows developers and enterprise companies to accept card-present payments in their own apps via a simple integration. This makes CardFlight the yin to Miura’s yang in the world of mobile POS.

CardFlight operates in the U.S market, catering to developers and enterprise clients who have their own mobile app and are looking to accept card-present payments while having full control over their user interface, backend and data. This solution is ideal for developers, retailers, direct selling businesses, event ticketing companies, the transportation industry, franchisees, and other companies that want to streamline payment acceptance using mobile devices. Using a mobile payments solution gives them the convenience of accepting payments quicker at multiple locations.

Customers integrate CardFlight’s iOS or Android software development kits (SDK) by inserting a few lines of code into their own app, choose their preferred card reader that connects to a smartphone and tablet via audio jack or Bluetooth, and start accepting card-present payments from anywhere.This might sound simple, but what makes CardFlight SDK solution and technology unique is that it is a “semi-integrated” solution including Miura card readers, a software development kit and a payment gateway that supports leading U.S. processors. Using CardFlight’s pre-certified solution saves companies 8-12 months of work building a platform that can cost them hundred thousands of dollars to create and maintain.

While EMV has been the norm in many global markets for years, that hasn’t been the case in the U.S. The liability shift took effect October 1, 2015 in the U.S., a little bit over a year ago, and there has been a lag in adoption by both merchants and payment providers.

This is where CardFlight comes into the picture, as we were one of first mobile payments providers to deploy EMV solutions in the United States, receiving our first approvals prior to the October 1, 2015 Liability Shift. CardFlight have since then been certified with First Data, Global Payments, Stripe, and TSYS, and is continuing to invest in additional certifications.

You can find CardFlight and Miura at the Money 2020 conference in Las Vegas on October 23, 2016- October 26, 2016. Live demos are available both at Miura – booth 3022 and CardFlight- Kiosk K2050 during the event.

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