How mPOS Can Power the Pop-up Revolution this Summer

August 04, 2015 by Bradley Eccleshare in mPOS | Payments | Share this on    

How mPOS Can Power the Pop-up Revolution this Summer

August 04, 2015 by Bradley Eccleshare in mPOS Payments
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Have you considered joining the pop-up revolution? All across the country – from Brighton to Barnstable, and Devon to Dundee – retailers, hospitality owners and even restaurateurs are embracing this new trend for short-lived, one-off business ventures. They’re quirky, fun and can be a great way of generating additional revenue. But taking payments has always been a challenge, especially in outdoor locations that may not be best served by mains electricity or even a fixed internet connection. That’s where mPOS and Miura Systems comes in.

A Pop-up Revolution
Summer is prime pop-up season. A combination of clement weather, school holidays, a packed calendar of sporting events and a surge of tourists from abroad makes it the perfect time to explore new business opportunities.

Pop-ups have really taken off over the past few years. Whether we’re talking about a one-off merchandise stall at a sporting event, or a season-long restaurant concept, they offer both established brands and small businesses a platform via which to market themselves, reach new audiences and, of course, drive revenue.

Time for mPOS
In such locations, accepting card payments has often been a problem. Bulky, expensive, power-hungry, traditional Point of Sale machines are not best suited to life on the road, meaning that many business owners have had to resort to the dreaded mantra: “Cash Only”. But it doesn’t need to be like that. The market is filled with a new generation of highly portable, reliable mPOS machines designed to accept cards seamlessly, with a payment experience as user-friendly as if you were in store.

Miura’s M010, for example, is designed to take payments via an integrated tablet or smartphone, meaning it’s just as at home on the road as it is in store. It can connect to a tablet cash register but can also work without cabling to offer chip and PIN wherever your business needs it.  In fact, Miura Systems partner iZettle had several of these at the Formula E Championship decider in London last weekend.

Our Shuttle device is the world’s most successful mPOS Chip and PIN device, and connects via Bluetooth to all types of tablet and smartphone. It’s perfect for micro merchants and small business owners on the go. 

And there’s more…
Here are just some of the benefits of mPOS devices at pop-up events:

Maximise revenue – never miss out on a sale because you had to put the dreaded “cash only” sign up.
Stay secure – minimise the amount of cash you’re handling
Keep the punters happy – cut queues at the till by taking cards. Happier customers are more likely to return.
Avoid queue drop-outs – make sure everyone waiting in line is served promptly
Empower staff – mobile POS allows staff to take customer payments at the table, or out of the queue, further enhancing the customer experience.
Don’t waste time – Miura Systems devices are simple to set-up and use, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business