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Secure Payments Means Miura Systems

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People often ask us, especially in the US, what the Miura Systems difference is. What’s our USP? Well, of course we make beautifully simple, elegant and powerful mPOS/POS hardware to help firms of all sizes drive revenue and unlock fantastic payment experiences for their customers. But in today’s climate, we can’t afford to ignore security concerns. It’s an area that we’ve led the market on and have continued to invest our resources and time in ensuring we have the highest industry certifications possible.  This enables our partners and customers to feel assured that they are buying solutions, which are delivering innovative solutions but are also highly secure.

Let’s take a closer look at how Miura is leading the industry with the most secure, standards-compliant products around, which reduce TCO and offer some fantastic operational benefits.

Mobile challenges, Miura solutions

Given the huge uptick in data breach incidents at Point of Sale in the US over the past 24 months or more, it’s not surprising that merchants and payment providers are increasingly focusing on data security. When it comes to mPOS, there’s an even greater need to lock down risk in this area, as data passes through what is deemed a “non-secure” environment – ie the smartphone or tablet device on which the payment app sits.

The US market has historically struggled with the technical and operational  challenges associated with providing strong card payment encryption solutions. A particular challenge arises in how it handles secure cryptographic key management for the real time deployment of POS terminal Card data and PIN encryption keys. . These challenges have increased with the addition of Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) and the additional controls, which are now required by the industry. Fortunately, since our inception, Miura has had a laser focus on developing a highly secure and easy-to-manage data encryption and key injection system.

One of the key benefits for our US partners is the Remote Key Injection (RKI) functionality supported by our devices for SRED (Secure Read Exchange Data), sensitive account data, and also online PIN keys. RKI is instrumental in helping us reduce TCO for partners because it means they no longer need to physically load keys in a secure room and through specialised payment distributors.

There are also some significant operational benefits to be had from RKI: 

  • Once a key is loaded in a physical secure room it can’t be changed, meaning any devices out in the field may have to be returned if you need to change end processors. But with RKI you can dynamically convert devices in the field – removing costly returns and device reworks if your end merchant wants to switch processors/acquirers
  • You don’t have to pay to load keys that will never be used if your merchant doesn’t support PIN debit or require the use of online PIN keys
  • Single stock management – there’s no longer any need to hold different stocks based upon the end processor, and you can wave goodbye to costly incidents where you don’t have any terminals loaded with the right processors keys
  • Miura partners are already delivering cloud-based RKI services which anyone can take advantage of

Now RKI is relatively new to the US, so don’t believe those in the industry who maintain it can’t be done, or it isn’t secure. Be in no doubt: this is a proven methodology certified by all the major schemes and adopted by all Miura’s clients globally.

As if that weren’t enough, all Miura Systems’ products are fully compliant and aligned to P2PE certifications. We’ll shortly be announcing our PCI P2PE 2.0 modular certifications – specifically P2PE component approval for the app (PCI domain 2) and certification for our already scheme-certified CA status (PCI domain 6). With Miura, you can own your own P2PE environment, including key management and deployment.

The best there is

It’s not just good enough having the highest levels of security as an mPOS specialist – you also need a compelling set of products to bake these capabilities in to. And that’s exactly what we have at Miura Systems:

Our M006 (Shuttle) is one of the world’s most popular mPOS chip and PIN devices. It’s delighted clients globally delivering fast, secure payments through our integrating partners. In fact, the device has really blazed a trail in the payments space – showing that micro-merchants and mobile businesses can offer customers the same high level of security in payments as their larger counterparts.

The flagship M010 has been a smash with our global customers over the past 12 months and is now hitting the US market. Its rapid adoption is testament to the adaptability of the device – appealing to smaller merchants and being rolled into SMB solutions by our POS ISVs partners. They see it as offering the same security and value as some of the biggest brands on the market, but with those added TCO benefits we discussed baked into the Miura platform.

Next time we’ll discuss how Miura Revive’s secure recovery features can actively reduce the number of device returns and speed device resolution and recovery.