Update Your Way to Android Pay Success with Miura Systems – Pt I

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It might have been only a short time since Android Pay launched in the UK, but it’s already making a major impact. Google recently made a splash with a new promotion scheme set to get even more users on board: Android Pay Day. Together with Apple Pay, the payments ecosystem is rapidly accelerating the move to fast, simple and secure cashless payments, whilst finally making the mobile wallet a reality.

And the great news is that Miura Systems’ feature-rich payment API and best of breed mPOS hardware is already future-proofed for new wallet services such as Android Pay. If not already enabled, businesses everywhere can remotely upgrade their card devices quickly and easily to take immediate advantage.

Android Pay benefits
Android Pay launched last month to great fanfare. The hope is that, with a 50%+ share of the UK mobile market, it can help businesses across the country drive profits higher whilst improving the customer experience by offering consumers more convenient ways to pay. There are several benefits of implementing the Android Pay wallet, including:

  • Users don’t need to log-in/authenticate in order to pay for goods worth up to £30 – simply tap-and-pay, regardless of whether the app is open or not
  • Major high street brands are already on board; including Starbucks, Boots, Waitrose and importantly Transport for London (TfL) for use on the Underground network
  • Some of the UK’s biggest lenders – including HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide and Bank of Scotland – support Android Pay. NatWest was not originally on the launch list but has seen its Twitter feed inundated with requests to join – showing clear awareness and demand from tech-savvy mobile users
  • Mobile handset technology is ready now. The technical pre-requisites for Android Pay are Android 4.4 (KitKat) phones with NFC chips – meaning a huge number of devices on the market support the system, including those from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Google’s own Nexus handsets
  • Businesses can choose to allow payments over £30 (up to £100) if supported by their payment provider, to further improve the customer experience and drive profits
  • Android Pay offers the facility to load loyalty and/or gift cards and promotional offers into customers’ digital wallets, encouraging them to use the service at your store. In the future, Google may look to use browsing data obtained when using its apps and Chrome browser, to better target these money saving offers
  • Android Pay Day will give selected partners the opportunity to offer discounts on one day at the end of each month to encourage use

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