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Adds to existing acquirer accreditations and facilitates European expansion of the NMI and Miura payment solution for high-profile clients in retail, hospitality and transportation

London, 27th April 2020 – Leading international payment service provider (PSP) NMI, and global mobile payment technology leader Miura Systems, announce the accreditation of the best-in-class M020 card payment solution with Elavon. The Elavon accreditation enables the NMI / M020 solution to be deployed in 27 European countries with payment in 11 different currencies.

The M020 is the latest payment device series introduced by Miura Systems, a pioneer in driving mobile card acceptance over the past 12 years. Whilst being the smallest and lightest fully functional device in its category, its unique design facilitates card and mobile wallet payments in a wide variety of fixed and mobile use cases across multiple retail environments.

ISVs (independent software vendors) developing POS software systems can now use the M020 payment terminal with the NMI gateway - to provide a complete “POS in a box” solution to retailers. Because the M020 series supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or physical USB connection, it can be driven from either traditional or tablet-based POS systems, and can work under Windows, Android or iOS. It allows merchants real choice and flexibility on how to interact with customers in any business situation, from fixed to fully mobile.

The Miura M020 series is core to NMI’s unified commerce enablement solution - true omni-channel. Together with NMI’s iProcess mobile applications for Apple and Android devices, merchants can now accept card payments on their phone or tablet wherever they go.

The latest NMI accreditation with Elavon comes on top of recent end-to-end certifications of the M020 with American Express and Global Payments and is part of NMI’s strategy to offer its customers choice in acquiring partners.

According to Darren Shaw, Chief Product Officer at Miura Systems: “The M020 series has set a new milestone in allowing full customer engagement in any environment. We are delighted that our powerful and seamless architecture has allowed NMI to gain multiple accreditations for the solution and offer their customers a highly flexible payment solution for use in any business segment, in retail, hospitality or transportation”.

Peter Alcock, Head of Product Marketing at NMI, added: “The versatility of Miura’s M020 fits perfectly with NMI’s unified commerce strategy. By partnering with Miura Systems, NMI can provide an EMV-certified counter-top and mobile device to its partners, and enable merchants to accept card payments in any location and with a whole variety of use cases.”

About Miura Systems

Miura Systems has been a global pioneer driving mobile acceptance since 2008. Its compact and versatile payment solutions have been powering consumer engagement in key markets across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as in the Americas. The company partners with acquirers, payment service providers, processors, systems integrators and independent software vendors to deliver feature-rich payment solutions for use in any customer-service environment, instore or on the move. For more information please visit:

About NMI

NMI is one of the world’s leading card payment gateways, processing over 1.2 billion transactions a year from retail POS, e-commerce and self-service terminals. Our mission is to use our expertise to enable more payments, in more ways, and in more places, all with the utmost security and reliability.

To do this we provide ISOs, fintech innovators and technologists with the software tools to be able to work with us easily. It gives them the freedom to focus on what they do best, liberates them from restricted payment methods, and gives them access to the latest payment technology now and in the future.

Our team spans the globe and has a twenty-year track record of delivering innovative payment solutions across specific retail sectors and has unparalleled experience in EMV technology. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter and Instagram


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