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Freedom to Explore Unmatched Security, Intuitive Design, and Seamless Integration for Businesses of All Sizes and Verticals

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Autonomous Operation

Security Meets Intuitive Design

Our POS Android Payment Terminals are meticulously crafted to cater to businesses of all sizes, providing seamless integration & a versatile platform to meet all your payment requirements.

Miura Systems' Assured Android Payment Devices are the epitome of cutting-edge technology, ensuring that your business stays ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving payment landscape. Our payment devices are not only designed to meet the highest security standards but also to offer a user-friendly experience that streamlines your point of sale (POS).

Unattended Payment Terminals for Seamless, Secure, & Versatile Transactions

Unlock the potential of self-service with our Unattended Android Payment Terminal Devices. Engineered for autonomous operation, our terminals guarantee secure payments, resilience across environments, and a wide range of payment method compatibilities. Ideal for EV Charging, Parking, Kiosks, and, Vending, elevate your customer's self-service experience.

Fixed Android Payment Terminals for Unmatched Reliability, Speed, & Security

Our Fixed Payment Terminal Devices stand at the heart of stationary retail, F&B, and hospitality environments. Experience steadfast reliability, swift transactions, and a suite of connectivity options. With advanced security protocols, safeguard your customers' data and enhance their checkout experience.

Elevate your payment processes to new heights with Miura & stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving payment landscape.

Miura Flex & Future Devices
Explore the Miura Pay+ Device

Revolutionise Your Business with Mobile Payment Devices for On-The-Go Transactions

Transform your transaction capabilities with our Mobile Payment Devices. Designed for on-the-go transactions, enjoy the benefits of portability, wireless operation, enduring battery life, and broad payment method support. Perfect for businesses that move with their customers.

Rapid Repair Services & Effortless RMA Process to Maximise Your Business Continuity

We stand behind our hardware with a comprehensive Return Management Authorisation (RMA) policy. We're committed to keeping your business operational with rapid repair services, an efficient RMA process, and exceptional customer support. Trust in our promise to minimise downtime and maximise your business continuity.

Igniting Transformation & Driving Business Success

Download the case studies to gain valuable insights into how our Miura Systems helped businesses achieve remarkable success.

What Our Customers Say
With the M010 we knew we had a payment device that we could trust. Its open architecture and easy integration was a key differentiator which enabled us to offer Hermes a flexible and scalable payment solution.
Craig Priddey
Head of Point of Interaction Product Management Team, Barclaycard
The speed of integration was fantastic. We now have a pay in-store service that meets our agents’ needs for extended mobility, without losing any of our existing functionality.
Claire Phelan
Head of Send & Partnerships, EVRI

Unleash the Payment Revolution

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Miura Assured Android Payment Devices different from other Payment Terminals?
Miura Assured Android Payment Devices stand out due to their unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and intuitive design. They provide a secure and user-friendly experience for both businesses and customers.
What security features do Miura Assured Android Payment Terminal Devices offer?
Miura Assured Android Payment Devices prioritise security with cutting-edge features to protect payment transactions and sensitive data. They provide businesses and customers with peace of mind regarding the safety of their transactions.
What are Unattended Payment Terminals?
Unattended Payment Terminals are self-service payment solutions designed for autonomous operation, offering secure payment processing, durability in various environments, and compatibility with a wide range of payment methods.
What makes Miura's fixed Android Payment Terminals ideal for stationary retail, F&B, and hospitality settings?
Our fixed Android Payment Terminals are designed to offer steadfast reliability, swift transactions, and a suite of connectivity options, making them perfectly suited for these environments.
What are the key features of Miura’s Mobile Payment Devices?
Our Mobile Payment Devices are designed for on-the-go transactions, offering portability, wireless operation, enduring battery life, and broad payment method support. They are perfect for businesses that move with their customers.
What is Miura's Return Management Authorisation (RMA) policy?
Our RMA policy is a comprehensive system designed to facilitate the return and repair of hardware products, ensuring minimal downtime for your business operations.
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