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Our Linux payment devices are meticulously designed for developers, providing an easier and more efficient approach to developing embedded systems. With a robust ability to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of payment applications, TMS, and gateways, these devices offer the perfect blend of security and customisation to meet your development needs.


Linux Devices for Seamless & Secure Payment Solutions. Elevate your development process with Miura Assured.

Stability and Flexibility
Robustness of Miura Assured Linux Devices. Stability while allowing for flexibility in development.
Integration Capabilities
The ability to integrate with various payment applications, TMS, and gateways.
Security and Customisation
Security measures implemented in Miura Assured. Balance between security and customisation.
Elevating Customer Interactions Anywhere, Anytime


The Miura M010 platform revolutionises the retail experience with unparalleled versatility. Retailers now have the ability to engage with customers wherever they are. It seamlessly functions across various retail settings, from in-store to pop-up or tactical locations, offering seamless Chip and PIN, as well as contactless integration throughout.

The Ultimate Modular Solution for Every POS Challenge


It’s a low-risk modular approach with many innovative plug and play peripherals to empower retailers in any payment environment. With the M020, it’s never been easier to deliver an enhanced payment solution for all retail verticals and every POS challenge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Miura Assured Linux Devices?
Miura Assured Linux Devices are payment devices designed specifically for developers, offering stability and flexibility for developing embedded systems.
How do Miura Assured Linux Devices differ from other payment devices?
These devices stand out due to their robust integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration with various payment applications, TMS, and gateways.
What security measures are implemented in Miura Assured Linux Devices?
The devices prioritise security without compromising on customisation, striking a balance to meet the needs of developers.
Can Miura Assured Linux Devices be tailored to suit specific development needs?
Yes, these devices offer a high level of customisation, making them ideal for developers looking for a flexible payment solution.
How do Miura Assured Linux Devices contribute to innovation in payment technologies?
By offering stability, flexibility, integration capabilities, and robust security measures, these devices empower developers to push boundaries and set new standards in payment technologies.
What are the integration capabilities of Miura Assured Linux Devices?
These devices have the capability to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of payment applications, TMS, and gateways, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in development.
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