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Why mPOS is More Important than Ever to UK Retailers Today

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It’s been an historic few days for the United Kingdom and businesses across the country will be wondering what happens next. The result of the EU referendum will create challenges for British retailers compounding those they already face in controlling costs, developing effective multi-channel strategies and improving the shopping experience for their customers. Those challenges are outlined in a new in-depth study from Miura Systems – When Worlds Collide: Store staff and shoppers in retail today.

Given the economic uncertainties now thrust upon businesses across the land, it’s never been a better time to use mPOS to drive sales, engage staff and improve the customer experience.

Under pressure
The in-depth research we commissioned is unique in drawing on the observations of frontline staff working around the country and comparing them with those of consumers and senior retail executives. With this insight, we’ve managed to build up a compelling picture of the retail payments climate in the sector today that shows UK firms are seriously missing out.

What we found is that store staff today are under huge pressure. They’re compelled to scan quicker at the till, with shoppers more than likely to complain otherwise that the queue is moving too slowly. They’re also being forced to deal with consumers’ rising expectations around the entire shopping experience. Many smartphone-toting shoppers will ask store assistants questions even when they’re serving another customer.

There’s also a perception that current Point of Sale machines are in need of a refresh. In fact, 41% of shoppers told us Chip and PIN terminals are often worn and dirty. And over 40% of staff claimed that if there was one technology improvement they’d make to their store, it would be a more up-to-date POS system.

Time for change
The answer, as outlined in this report, is retail mobilisation. By arming staff with mobile POS devices capable of taking payment anywhere in-store, they’re able to cut queues at the till, answer questions customers might have, and even reduce lost sales by ordering out-of-stock items then and there with the customer. In short, it will improve the shopping experience, transforming retailers’ customer relationships and driving sales by mitigating the four main reasons why shoppers leave a store without buying: unclear pricing; out of stock items; lack of shop assistants; and inadequate product selection.

And if you were in any doubt about the popularity of mPOS among shoppers, there are some compelling stats in the report about the success of the Apple Store model which ticks all of the main retail mobilisation boxes. An overwhelming 96% of those who’d shopped in an Apple Store said they found the mPOS payment set-up very easy. And four in five said other retailers should follow the same model – allowing payment to be taken anywhere in the store.

To find out more about mPOS, retail mobilisation and the key challenges facing retailers in the UK today, get the report here.