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Why the evolution of mPOS makes point-to-point encryption essential

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Behind every data point is a person. A person affected by the sharp rise in data breaches. In 2016, these hit a record high; making point-to-point encryption a must-have in mPOS.

Certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) protects the cardholder’s data from cybercriminals by encrypting it from the point where a seller accepts the payment card to the secure point of decryption at the end of the transaction.

In 2017, mPOS has moved on. It’s no longer exclusive to the micro merchant space. It’s now important in all retail verticals. And to protect retailer and merchant card data from exposure, it’s essential to have a certified P2PE solution. But which one?

No compromise, certified security

Miura is the only mPOS vendor with a solution certified under the PCI P2PE V2 scheme. So, whether you’re a large-tiered retailer or a small merchant, there’s no need for short cuts in security.

In fact, when you put our P2PE certified hardware to work for you, you’ll be ensuring the scope, complexity and compliance costs of PCI DSS are significantly reduced both at a commercial and technical level.

Certified solutions for all shapes and sizes

We’ve also extended certification to our best in class API for P2PE on the PCI Website. And we didn’t stop there. Our industry-leading Remote Key Injection and Key Management solution for P2PE also has full certification.

But what does this wide-reaching accreditation mean for you? It gives partners and payment solution providers the power to take advantage of Miura certifications to build and develop P2PE certified solutions for retailers of all sizes and transaction volumes – with the highest levels of security, functionality and performance.

Together, let’s make 2017 a record year for bottom lines, not security breaches!